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Isn’t it wonderful that a baby takes 9 months to prepare for its first breath of air? While it was hard to wait for my babies, I found myself grateful for all that time spent prepping for birth and recovery even though nothing could have fully prepared me for birth and becoming a mother. I’m […]

If you’re struggling with pain in and around your pubic bone due to symphysis pubis dysfunction, my heart goes out to you. It’s tricky when you can’t separate your legs or step over things without grief and grating in your groin, isn’t it? And if you have diastasis recti, too, some of the common exercises […]

Remember Aesop’s fable about the tortoise beating the hare? The majority of the fitness world screams at us to be rabbits, but most of us are turtles who feel like quitting when we’re told we have to be like the rabbits, and go fast or go home. Workout fast or don’t workout at all. Heal […]

At least once a week, Bethany guest writes for other sites about birth, diastasis recti, pregnancy exercise, fitness, why you shouldn’t do crunches, and many other topics. Really, it’s more often that she gets to blog here! So we have put together a run-down of some of her recent blogs, with the first one being […]

My son turned 5 this past week, and as I pondered his birth and my belly and all it’s been through, and as my Facebook timeline kept showing me those photo projects designed to convince women to just accept their bodies “as is” after having babies {which sort of worries me because, while we cannot do […]

Dear Doctor who doesn’t understand diastasis or how it has impacted me and my friends, my cllients, our bodies, our lives, our ability to mother, our comfort in the bedroom, even the way we laughed for a while… I hope you read this! I’m angry at you. You should have known about this common abdominal […]

I follow a page on facebook called Made to Birth, and she asked a question: How do you go with your body? What do you do to be tuned in to birth? For me it always goes back to fitness, because that’s how I’m wired and trained to think. Babies and workouts are my two biggest […]

I have revered and respected Julie as the founder of The Tupler Technique® ever since her program helped close the split in my abs that my surrounding fitness communities was ignoring and accepting as “normal.” When I wrote to Julie and asked for a guest post, I never dreamed she’d give me an open ticket. […]

Please welcome Wendy Powell, MuTu System Founder and member of Fit2B Studio. Wendy is a fellow crunch-free advocate, and  – while Fit2B Studio offers ongoing TummySafe™ Fitness – Wendy’s 12-week program will help you put your core back together even YEARS after babies.  I am so delighted to be asked by Bethany to write a […]