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I love my morning coffee. I love the smell. I love the conversations and community around it. I enjoy 1-2 cups to start my day, and an occasional cup of decaf at night. Being able to sneak collagen into it for bonus nutrition just makes it that much more enjoyable to me!Here’s how I make it: […]

In Part One of this 4-part series, I introduced our general topic of “Hope for when that diastasis recti will not close.” In Part Three, I will discuss “How Your Emotions Affect Your Diastasis Recti,” and I’ll talk about biomechanics and some new tools and props in Part Four. Here in Part Two, I want to […]

  “I don’t use weights. I just shake and burp daily” … Yes, this is what I caught myself saying to friends as I posted brag pics of my recent fermented adventures. My growing fascination with ferments as food started with water kefir, but I’m telling you: That stuff is a gateway drug to another […]