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If you sit a lot for work or nursing a baby or just out of pure exhaustion, it’s highly likely that your psoas is tightening up to tell you something. Basically, your psoas connects your spine to your thigh bone. While it is often named alongside the iliacus as “iliopsoas,” the meat of it is […]

For just recently reaching 73 years old, my mom is in remarkably great shape even though her feet have always bothered her. She walks, eats healthy, is active in her church and community, and takes good care of herself and my dad. This past year, she finally began pursuing things to really deal with and […]

Question about heeled shoes posted in our forum: “Beth is it possible for someone to have “short tendons”? My mom was told she needed to wear shoes with a heel because she has short Achilles’ tendons. Are their specific stretches to lengthen them?” -Lauren F. That question was posted in our private member forum, and […]

Squatting is thought to be the simplest way to work your core abdominal muscles and lower body and legs PLUS your pelvic floor BUTT (mispelling intended since squats work your glutes) BUT many people do them wrong and approach them incorrectly. And if you squat poorly, you won’t get the results you want like a […]

The 12 Newest Exercise Routines! Apparently, we now have so many videos here on Fit2B that members find it hard to find the new ones! What a great problem to have, right? And so easy to fix! Several members suggested making a page or pathway with just the “Latest 12” exercise routines on it, so […]