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I was sitting there in a crowd of other mothers, watching our kids through a thick glass window as they practiced their gymnastics, flipping and tumbling around. Then, as is so classic of me – since I can’t have normal conversations with anyone because they ask me what I do, and then we proceed to […]

Confession: My kitchen timer is seldom used for anything cooking related. As a fitness professional and healthier mom in the making, I tend to use timers for better health and wellness applications. Not that setting one to avoid burning dinner wouldn’t be healthier for my family, but this is the scoop on how my stove timer […]

You don’t have to turn your home into an athletic club to encourage fitness and wellness in your environment. The goal is to facilitate as much alignment, movement, core recruitment, and even positive pressure points as possible. It’s about making small changes in small areas. It’s also about making some big changes if you get the chance to remodel. […]

I’m not getting any “Mother of The Year” awards under the category of healthy lunches here, folks. In fact, in the spirit of full disclosure, you should know that my kids are finally old enough that I made “Pack Your Lunch” into one of their chore magnets because they’re quite capable of doing most of it […]

“I actually am 2 years out post baby. But I didn’t know that I had diastasis recti. I just thought I had belly bloat or that my trunk was too short for all my insides. So I posted the first picture {see photo below} on the trim healthy mama site asking what people recommended to […]

This is a guest post written by Allison Morris, co-creator of an enlightening graphic that shows how children who exercise are smarter. Allison found this article on Fit2B Studio’s blog, and she wrote directly to me to see if I’d like to carry this educational piece on our site. Of course I said YES! Here’s […]

My daughter spent a healthy amount of time this weekend with her cousins while I did the Portland to Coast Walking Relay. We ended up having a spontaneous aerobic dance party in the car after I retrieved her and my sister’s kids from my parents. Later we looked those silly songs up on youtube and […]