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Free Podcast: Diastasis & Tummy Fitness + My Births

It was a huge honor to be the special guest for The Birthful Podcast: Diastsis & Tummy Fitness with Adriana Lozada earlier this week. She said she chose me out of all the other experts she researched as possible guests because my program is the most comprehensive, evidence-based, straightforward, mama-friendly one she could find. The show […]

Dear Mom, I know you are upset with the way your belly looks and feels...but there is HOPE -
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Hope for When That Diastasis Recti will NOT close!

It is an amazing time to be a core fitness specialist ministering to the muscular core needs of women with this website right here that provides TummySafe Fitness. With news being spread about diastasis recti being fixable for most without surgery, more research being done, more case studies documented, well, here at Fit2B we are […]