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We had just finished the step aerobics portion of class, but she left – walked out – after just a few Yoga warrior poses. I had been wondering if she was another instructor because she had such great form, fancy moves beyond the ones I was teaching, strong arms, and she wouldn’t make eye contact. […]

Please welcome Wendy Powell, MuTu System Founder and member of Fit2B Studio. Wendy is a fellow crunch-free advocate, and  – while Fit2B Studio offers ongoing TummySafe™ Fitness – Wendy’s 12-week program will help you put your core back together even YEARS after babies.  I am so delighted to be asked by Bethany to write a […]

Whether you get an epidural or not, birthing a baby takes strength and power. If you think you’re going to experience a few contractions that will just hurt a little bit, and then you’ll get an epidural and lie there until the doctor or midwife says to push… or if you think that you’ll “try” […]

We always take some pictures while the Fit2B Studio camera is rolling, and so we’d like to share a few with all the moms, dads, and families who follow us, along with exercise tips of the movement that was captured. This one was posted on our facebook yesterday, and it’s such a good one! Gate […]